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Taxes, Stress & the IRS

We deal with thousands of taxpayers who face enormous stress as a result of their problems with taxes and the IRS. We want to do everything possible to ensure that you have an avenue to discuss your tax problems. 

Even if the IRS has levied your wages or your bank account or if the IRS has filed a Notice of Tax Lien with your county recorder, there is no reason to give up hope. ALL tax problems can be resolved peacefully and without terrible disruption to you and your family.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your tax problem, call us immediately. We have extensive experience in dealing with taxpayers that believe there is no hope. Violence against yourself, your loved ones, your employer or the IRS is NOT a solution.

You can reach us toll free at (800) 684-6168 or e-mail us at My staff has been instructed to immediately notify me of any situation where someone appears distraught and may be a danger to themselves or others.

Don’t let a tax problem destroy you. Whether through the IRS Offer in Compromise program, a payment agreement or even bankruptcy, there is a solution to your problem. Cases can be put in an uncollectible status as well in order to allow you to get back on your feet.

If your problem is one that cannot wait, you can always call us toll free at (800) 684-6168 or e-mail us at and make sure to state that you are under tremendous stress. When your e-mail (or phone call) arrives, we will drop whatever else we are doing to speak with you right away.