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Help for Victims of NADN/Oryan Scam

If you filed a tax return prepared by National Audit Defense Network (NADN) claiming deductions for the Americans with Disabilities Act tax credit and other related expenses, you’ve probably heard from the IRS. In fact, you’ve likely received a Notice of Deficiency, sent Certified Mail, which gives you just 90 days to file a Tax Court petition to fight the additional tax assessment. If this describes your situation, you need to contact immediately at 800.714.1880 or by using our Free Tax Consultation page.

After seeing an ever increasing number of clients who are now under audit for taking tax deductions related to the NADN/Oryan online shopping mall scam, is offering to help these taxpayers at a reduced fee. President Steve Kassel, EA was one of the first tax practitioners in the country to learn about this scam roughly five years ago. In fact, some Denver based CPAs presented the program to Steve asking for his help in promoting the program.

“I had absolutely no doubt that not only was this program a scam, but that it would lead to thousands of audits and likely criminal prosecution for the promoters. I warned everyone I could to keep away from this mess, but unfortunately other tax “advisors” were able to convince over a hundred thousands taxpayers to enter into this scheme.”

Steve has recently reviewed several IRS examination notices and believes that he can save each of the victims several thousand dollars.

“I found numerous errors in the IRS notices and I believe we can make a strong case for penalty abatement. However, it is far from a slam dunk and each case has to be judged on its own merits. Please be very careful in whom you hire to handle your case otherwise you could become a victim again. Make sure you talk directly to an EA, CPA or attorney. Don’t waste your time and money talking to a salesman who has no license to protect.”

If you are interested in having take your case, please call (800) 714-1880 or send email to

In addition, there is a company out of Las Vegas called Sunrise Sunset Tax Solutions. I have been told by several NADN/Oryan victims, that they have been cold called by Sunrise. That would seem to indicate that Sunrise has obtained the client list from NADN/Oryan. How they obtained the client list of a company list NADN/Oryan is unknown. In addition, if you are on the National Do Not Call list and were called by Sunrise Sunset Tax Solutions, they are in serious violation of the law. Go the Federal Trade Commission website for more information. You can also file suit against the offending company yourself. I just collected $2,000 from a company that violated the Do Not Call list and called me four times.

These victims told me that Sunrise has attempted to scare them into hiring Sunrise for $5,000 to get them out of their tax problems. That happens to be 455% more than our fee!!!

I received a call from Sunrise President Roman Ellano who refused to answer what you get for the $5,000. After reviewing their website, I have very serious concerns that they are unlicensed and are looking to just extract money from people that have already been victimized. Remember that only an EA, CPA or attorney can represent you before the IRS. Their phone number is 702.457.7283 and their website is Be forewarned. If you have been contacted by Sunrise and they have attempted to scare you into hiring them, please let me know.

For more information on the NADN scam, go to National Audit Defense Network (NADN) Scam.