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Stay Away from These Spammers and Scammers

Updated May 18, 2005

American Tax Relief is one of the nation’s largest tax negotiation and representation firms. There is no doubt they are also the worst tax negotiation and representation firm. They solicit through outright lies. I received another solicitation they send through the mail on May 17. It is full of outright lies. The government should shut this company down immediately. Anyone hiring this firm should expect to be ripped off. Their advertising states, “The Congress has recently passed NEW laws, making it easier to settle tax debts. We are now finding that many people who did not previously qualify for tax relief can now take advantage of these NEW changes and settle for much less”. LIES, LIES, LIES.

According to the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau, American Tax Relief is owned by Joo Park. Their phone number is 323.930.8510. Frankly, if you are foolish enough to hire them, you deserve to be taken. Read what the LA BBB has to say about them. is one of the worst e-mail spammers in the tax world. We receive their trash on a daily basis. It’s sent through spammer purports to represent delinquent taxpayers, but that is not true. In fact, all does is sell leads. is controlled by Robert Afshar who makes his home in the San Francisco area. He owns numerous other sites as well and attempts to spam the search engines with his sites. They include,,,, and One thing is for certain….don’t do business with any of these businesses.

A Whois search shows that most of the sites are registered to an address in the Phillipines. All are run off the same servers and the same IP address.