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Birth of

For Immediate Release
San Bruno, CA
July 31, 2004

Announcing the Birth of e

Steve Kassel, EA one of the nation’s leading tax negotiation experts, has announced the purchase of to replace represents individuals and business with unfiled and unpaid Federal and state taxes. Kassel is a former IRS Revenue Officer and has spent the past 12 years representing clients before tax agencies. Kassel testified on Capitol Hill during the now-infamous hearings on IRS abuses and his recommendations were included in the IRS Reform & Restructuring Act. Kassel has appeared on Good Morning America and the O’Reilly Factor and in numerous articles in the New York Times, Worth magazine and many other tax industry publications. offers free consultations to all delinquent taxpayers and gives more free advice than any company in this growing field. will never take on a client unless they are certain they can be of real value to that client.

In 2001, Kassel acquired the domain in a lease/purchase arrangement with Vatco, Inc. of New York, NY. Kassel said, “Vatco President William Gluck was extremely generous in his financial support to Firse Tax. However, we had a fundamental disagreement on the value of the domain. We were unable to pay the amounts required under our 2001 agreement and Gluck recently turned down a very generous offer to purchase the domain outright for $500,000.00. I was able to purchase e from First of Princeton Junction, NJ for $13,000.00.”

Kassel notes that after several years of very lax IRS enforcement, the pendulum has swung 180 degrees. “From 1997 through 2003, the IRS was very easy to deal with and they accepted the vast majority of the Offers in Compromise (“Offers”) we submitted for our clients.” Under Federal law, Offers can be accepted by the IRS for less than the total due based upon the taxpayer’s assets and ability to pay.

In recent months the IRS has made life much more difficult for delinquent taxpayers. The numbers of levies on wages and bank accounts and the number of Federal tax liens filed has dramatically increased. But, the IRS has also warned taxpayers to beware of promoters’ claims that tax debts can be settled for “pennies on the dollar” through the Offer in Compromise Program. For more information on hiring a tax negotiation expert, visit Should I Hire

Steve Kassel and his staff can be reached at (800) 714-1880.