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American Tax Relief

Nation’s Worst Tax Resolution Firm,
Illegally Takes Money From Client Bank Account

Of all the tax resolution firms in the country, there is absolutely none worse than American Tax Relief, located at 8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 900 in Beverly Hills, CA. A second address may be 4801 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 220 Los Angeles, CA 90010. It’s also possible they could be at 10642 Santa Monica Blvd., #301 Los Angeles, CA 90025. Frankly, we aren’t certain exactly where they are located, but I have investigators in the Los Angeles area working on this right now. Their phone numbers are 323.782.1115 & 323.782.3330. Their fax numbers are 323.782.3338 and 323.782.3333. In my opinion, they are a criminal organization.

Earlier today (January 31, 2006), I learned that American Tax Relief illegally drafted $2,750 from the bank account of a client in Georgia without any legal authorization whatsoever. The client, who has now fired American Tax Relief and has hired; called and spoke with Steve Kitchen, the American Tax Relief salesman who told the client that he gave authorization to draft his account. That is a lie. In fact, we have absolute proof of the lie. Our client has already filed a fraud report with the Catoosa County, Georgia Sheriff and we’ll soon be filing reports with the the Los Angeles County District Attorney, the California Attorney General and the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility concerning the illegal actions of Steve Kitchen and American Tax Relief.

If you have been ripped off by Steve Kitchen and American Tax Relief, call them at 323.782.3330 or fax them at 323.782.3333. In addition, Steve Kitchen, who is nothing but a salesman, signs IRS Power of Attorney forms and illegally contacts the IRS and gets confidential tax information from the IRS on these clients. How do I know this occurs? Simple. I have a copy of a Power of Attorney with Steve Kitchen’s name on it and Steve Kitchen admitted to me that he calls the IRS and gets confidential tax information from the IRS. Since he is not an Enrolled Agent, CPA or Attorney, this is illegal. Another name of an unlicensed salesman is Bob Hanna (or Hannah).

American Tax Relief advertises on TV and through postcards sent to individuals against whom the IRS has filed Federal Tax Liens. American Tax Relief  uses several domains including & & &

Their lying TV ad states “you have ONLY one chance to settle with the IRS”. More lies. In addition, they put the names of unlicensed salespeople on their IRS Power of Attorney forms. These guys are pure trash.

Their postcard solicitation is a lie. We recently read a postcard they sent out which states, “The Congress has recently passed NEW laws, making it easier to settle tax debts. We are now finding that many people who did not previously qualify for tax relief can now take advantage of these NEW changes and settle for much less.” The only problem is that it isn’t true. There have been NO changes in the law that make it easier to get your IRS tax debt settled. In fact, the IRS has made it far more difficult to get Offers in Compromise cases accepted as noted elsewhere on this site.

According to the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau, American Tax Relief is so bad that they give them a rating of “F”.

The LABBB also says, “we believe this company misrepresents their ability to negotiate settlements or offers in compromise with the IRS. Many complainants state that they make promises concerning their ability to negotiate these settlements when they have no way of knowing whether or not they will be able to deliver on those promises.”

The LABBB states “Some complainants allege unauthorized charge or bank account debits are made once company representatives obtained their personal information.” I’m no attorney, but doesn’t this sound like multiple felony counts?

American Tax Relief posts on their web sites “as seen on CNN & MSNBC”. Sorry, boys, but running an ad doesn’t qualify. They want you to believe they’ve been talked about in a story which couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s hard to tell who the owner of this company is. The LABBB site states it is Joo Park, but that may be incorrect. The California Secretary of State website shows that the business is an LLC and the Agent for Service of Process is Joo Park with an address of 10642 Santa Monica Blvd., #301 Los Angeles, CA 90025. This is very close to the other addresses listed above so it’s possible that one of these addresses may be correct. In any event, within a very short time, we’ll know exactly where these people are.

I’ve been speaking with a law firm that wants California victims to contact them. If you are in California and have been ripped off by American Tax Relief, please contact and we’ll pass your information on to these attorneys. Of course, regardless of where you are located, if American Tax Relief has robbed you and you still have a tax problem, we’ll be more than happy to take care of your problem and we’ll cut our fee substantially as well.