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Tax Resolution Firms We Respect

If we’re going to tell you which firms we believe do not deserve your business, we should also tell you which of our competitors are worthy of you consideration. I’ll bet you that NO other site does anything like this.

1) Tax Negotiators – Robert Adams, CPA in the San Francisco area.

2) OIC Advice – Michael L. Davis, EA. Former IRS OIC Specialist operating from Douglasville, GA.

3) Dick Norton – Dick Norton, EA in Burbank, CA.

4) JBS Associates, Inc. – Jerry Slade, EA in San Jose, CA. I’ve known Jerry for years through the California Society of Enrolled Agents. He’s a pretty funny guy, too.

5) Taxpayer Solutions, Inc. – Myron Baldwin, EA in Oak Brook, IL. I received a call from one of his clients who wanted a second opinion. After reviewing the case, it appeared that Mr. Baldwin was handling the case entirely appropriately so I gave Mr. Baldwin my endorsement.