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Where Can I Ask a General Tax Question?

We frequently receive calls and e-mails with general tax questions such as: “How do I check on my refund?”,  “Where do I file my tax return?” or “I moved. What form do I use to change my address?” We also get more complicated questions too, relating to HB-1 Visas, 1031 exchanges, trusts, estates, etc.

Unfortunately, regardless of how simple or complicated, we do not answer questions of a general tax nature. Because we are not a traditional tax office, we do not have time to answer these questions and you will get NO response.

We suggest that you post your general tax questions on a very fine moderated news group called misc.taxes.moderated.

Our business is devoted strictly to issues with the Collection Division of the IRS and state taxing agencies. The kinds of questions that we answer are those related to the non-filing or non-payment of taxes.

If you need a copy of a tax return or W-2 & 1099 wage and withholding information, please follow this link.