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Free IRS Tax Problem Consultation

e is nationally recognized as a leader in IRS tax problem resolution. From Offer in Compromise to Payment Agreements; from Payroll Tax liabilities to Income Tax problems; from Penalty Appeals to Trust Fund Recovery Penalty cases; there is no firm in America better equipped to handle your tax case today.

Our business is devoted strictly to issues with the Collection Division of the IRS and state taxing agencies. The kinds of questions that we answer are those related to the non-filing or non-payment of taxes, Offer in Compromise, payment agreements, penalty abatements, etc.

We do not answer questions on filing status, refunds, rebates, earned income credit, head of household, etc.

e will respond to your request within a few hours. If you contact us over the weekend or late in the day, we may not reach you until the next business day. We look forward to serving you and resolving your tax problems.